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Celeste is dedicated to people and their freedom!

A proven conservative, Celeste Cairns is running for the NC House to fight for what matters to Eastern North Carolina.


Fighting for Families and Small Businesses

I understand the challenges facing small businesses and the importance of providing good jobs for our families. We have seen the havoc that COVID and the Governor’s response to it did to the economy. Although, it is understood, there must be commonsense safeguards, the regulatory complexity can be described as “Death by a thousand cuts” to our NC small businesses.  To protect our businesses and industries and encourage new ones to develop and thrive, we must simplify and reduce the regulatory burden.  We must instill investor confidence if we want to advance economic development, and I’m confident we can accomplish that with regulatory certainty that is reasonable and streamlined. 

Supporting our Military and Law Enforcement

I have been a military wife now for over 26 years. I married a US Army Special Forces officer, a green beret, and so when I speak of supporting our military and veterans, know that I understand because we have lived it…and we are living it.  I was the wife who watched her husband deploy just after 9-11 and ran the Family Readiness Group for the families of the soldiers under my husband’s command. 

Our children have also chosen lives of public service. We have a new Army 2LT and one in law enforcement completing the police academy in one of this nation’s largest cities.  Supporting our military, our veterans, and our law enforcement is a top priority for me.

Protecting the Sanctity of Life

I am pro-life. I stand up for the lives of the unborn. I’ve volunteered as a client advocate with women facing unplanned pregnancies.  I am in my 6th year on the Board of Directors for Onslow Pregnancy Resource Center…an incredible place offering hope and support. And as our population ages, I will work to uphold the rights of our elderly to live safely with dignity and respect.

Defending the Second Amendment

An unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment to our Constitution, I fully understand that this Right helps ensure the protection of all of our freedoms.  I am a member of the NRA as well as a concealed carry permit holder.

Education of our Children

The future and strength of North Carolina demands that the education of our children is a top priority. Policies must be focused on adequately equipping our students to become successful members of society. I support school choice and believe we need to increase access to career and technical education. Additionally, I believe we should empower parents – not government – in the education of their children. I will join those in Raleigh pushing back against CRT and other destructive propaganda that have led to children being taught radical, anti-American ideologies

Safeguarding our Elections

Safeguarding our elections is of the utmost importance to me. I will fight for voter ID to ensure that all votes cast are legal votes, the count is secure and accurate, and the results are true and auditable. We must restore trust and confidence in our elections!

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